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Burners & Logs

The team at Quality Fire offers 2-tier and 3-tier burner systems with gas logs that can be used indoor or outdoor. 

Opt for the appearance of real wood, or choose to add a unique flare to your home with a customizable variety of media.

Burner & Log Set Options
  • Match-lit, battery operated with a remote control, or wall switch

  • Choose from a variety of media, including lava rock, embers, twigs, fire glass, wood, cannonball, and more

  • 2 or 3-tiered burner systems

  • Indoor or outdoor options

Asset 1_2x.png

Customize Your Fireplace

Burners and log sets come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, allowing for a totally customizable look down to the final details. We offer a variety of Media to choose from:

  • Lava rock, granules, or pebbles

  • Black or vermiculite embers

  • Twigs of various woods

  • Variety of colored fire glass

  • Wood to mimic the look of your preference

  • Cannonball burners for a modern accessory

Asset 1_2x.png
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